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Test Automation

Agile Software Development

Software Development - Quality Assurance - Regulatory Compliance

Test automation offers numerous benefits that can significantly improve the software development and testing process.


Some of the key advantages of test automation include:

  • Faster Test Execution: Automated tests are executed faster than manual tests. Test execution can happen at any moment also while you are sleeping or working on something else.

  • Increased Test Frequency: Automation enables tests to be run more frequently, including on each code change, ensuring that issues are caught early in the development process.

  • Increased Test Coverage: With automation, a larger number of test cases can be run more efficiently, leading to better test coverage and the ability to test various scenarios in parallel.

  • Regression Testing: Automated tests are especially effective for regression testing, where they can quickly verify that new code changes do not introduce new issues in existing functionality.

  • Automated Reporting: Reports can be generated automatically reducing manual documentation efforts.

  • Improved Software Quality: All of the above will contribute to overall improved software quality.

  • Cost Savings: Automation, especially in the long run, reduces the need to block time and resources for manual testing and documentation, leading to cost savings.

  • Resource Optimization: Test automation frees up human testers to focus on more exploratory and creative (testing) tasks, rather than repetitive and time-consuming manual test execution and documentation.

  • In the long run, test automation can be integrated with tools like Jira allowing for a streamlined software development process from design to validation.

Is this still compliant?

The life science industry has been slow in adopting agile software development methodologies in fear of being non-compliant. However, regulatory authorities and industry experts have been pushing forward a risk based approach for a long time. Recent publishing of new guidelines like GAMP5 2nd edition, FDA draft guidance on Computer Software Assurance provides more guidance and examples paving the way for companies to transition digitally and innovate with a focus on software quality rather than generating piles of paper.


Overall, test automation is a powerful tool that improves testing efficiency, reduces manual effort, and increases software quality, making it an essential practice in modern agile software development. Contact us for a free first consultation session.

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